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Seeking individual coaching or special attention in Mathematics?  Check out our various Customised Maths Programmes @ AIM to see which programme suits your requirement best.  Not sure which programme suits you better!  Simply Contact Us for a chat.  We will arrange for a discussion with you to understand your requirement in more detail and offer you our best recommendation.  In the nutshell, Customised Maths Programmes @ AIM are niche and teaching methodology is specially tailored based on your ability and aptitude in order to optimize your learning outcome.










  1)     1-to-1 mathematics in-house tutorial class to provide personal coaching to the student. Highly flexible and individualized programme, the tutor will focus on strengthening the weaknesses and stretching the potential of the student to optimize his/her performance on the subject.
  2)     GCE 'N'/'O' Level Mathematics/Additional Mathematics Preparatory Courses. This weekly regular class will focus on exam preparations and practise. Students will practise on mock exam papers compiled by our Resident Mathematics Tutor from various schools through his years of teaching experience. Exam answering techniques and problem-solving skills will be emphasized during the lessons. 
  *To optimize learning of the subject at our Centre, each lesson is conducted once a week for 2 hours over 4 lessons per month.
  3)     Modular Courses for GCE 'N'/'O'/'A' Level mathematics. This short course is conducted for graduating students who face difficulty in specific math topics. The duration of the course will depend on the topic involved and the focus will be mainly on coaching and strengthening the knowledge of the topic.
  4)     Study consultation for GCE 'N'/'O'/'A' Level mathematics. How does this work? Students will purchase 8 hours of Credits and use it for 1-to-1 lesson with the tutor on topics they need specific help. Ad-hoc in nature, the students have the flexibility to fix an appointment with our Resident Mathematics Tutor (per block of 1 hour for each appointment and thereafter 15 minutes per block after the 1st hour), to consult him on topics which they cannot understand. Students also can make use of the Credits to fix an appointment with the tutor for 1-to-1 exam revision. This is highly suitable for students who do not need regular tuition but require study assistance from time to time, as and when they need explanation and solution on their maths problems.

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