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  AIM Learning Hub is founded on the belief that education and critical analytical thinking skill is key to success. We strongly believe that Achievement can be attained if one is Inspired and Motivated.

At AIM Learning Hub, we are passionate about the learning journey of our students and strive to help them uncover and develop their potential to the fullest.




  Services we provide:
  1. Enrichment courses for aspired students who want to go beyond what they study in school.
  2. Comprehensive small group tuition classes to help students strengthen their school learning.
  3. Customized one-to-one tutorial lessons by our Resident Mathematics Tutor.
  4. Customized preparatory math programmes for GCE "N"/"O" level by our Resident Mathematics Tutor.
  5. Study consultation sessions and Modular Courses for GCE "N"/"O"/"A" level mathematics facilitated by our Resident Mathematics Tutor.
  6. School holidays workshops  

Our Methodology

*    Learner-centric approach with small group tuition classes, we can monitor the pace of each student and focus on each individual better. This will help us identify the strengths and weaknesses of each and every student and to work on them collaboratively.

*    We focus on developing their analytical problem-solving skill so that they can be an independent learner. In other words, we teach our students how to fish instead of giving them the fish.

*    Examinations focused, we reinforce on problem-solving techniques and develop their self-confidence to prepare and manage the exams better.



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